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These aren't the droids...

Friends only journal so please feel free to ask me to friend you.

8 July 1972

acting, alan moore, anime, arms trade, arthur c. clarke, atheism, babylon 5, bbc, beer, black books, blackadder, board games, books, brazil, buffy the vampire slayer, c.j. cherryh, c.s. lewis, campaign against arms trade, charity shops, charles stross, cinema, civilization (the game), clive barker, computer games, dan simmons, depression, diana wynne jones, doctor who, doctor who books, dominance, donnie darko, douglas adams, drinking, dumb shakespeare humor, dvds, endless cups of tea, faction paradox, fair trade, father ted, films, firefly, flanders and swann, futurama, g. k. chesterton, ghost in the shell, gilbert and sullivan, good omens, green day, gwyneth jones, half life 2, hating cold, hobbits, hot chocolate, hot fuzz, j.r.r. tolkien, kinbaku, late night intimate conversations, leningrad cowboys, long hair, lord of the rings, marcus brigstocke, mark steel, melancholy, michael moorcock, mitch benn, monty python, my chemical romance, mystery science theater 3000, neil gaiman, new doctor who, nin, not having a tv, old bbc games, pacifism, peace, philip k dick, placebo, plays, pratchett, pre-raphaelites, python, quakers, questionable content, radio 4, ramstein, reading, readthroughs, real ale, recycling, red dwarf, restraint, richard iii, roleplaying, sandman, sapphire and steel, science fiction, science fiction (books), second hand bookshops, sega saturn, sf, shakespeare, shaun of the dead, ship of fools, show of hands, six string samuria, sleep, spaced, spinal tap, stephen king, strategy games, studio ghibli, submission, tantalism, tea, terry pratchett, tetsuo, the archers, the now show, the princess bride, the today programme, theatre, they might be giants, tom lehrer, tom stoppard, torchwood, tori amos, umberto eco, unite for peace, ursula le guin, vegetarianism, vernor vinge, violent_blue, watership down, william gibson